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No mositure can enter these invisible high energy beams

I discovered no moisture can enter these high energy beams. This is true for both the larger core sample and the smaller core sample.

These beams are invisible and the beams are only emitted from the surfaces cut by the diamond saw.

The entire surface of the gemstone emit energy but I am not sure the energy from the other surface areas are as intense as the beams emitted from the cut surfaces.

I discovered no moisture can enter the beams when I set up my experiment to stop ice melting at room temperature.

In order to stop ice melting at room temperature, I must first seal the glass casing with a water based glue. I found a glue like elmer or a glue that is more of a paste will not cause the condition necessary to stop ice melting at room temperature.

I did the ice melting experiment with the larger core sample. I am sure the smaller core sample can stop ice melting but the smaller core sample is not large enough to support the weight of a full glass of ice. A smaller glass container may work but I preferred to work with the larger sample.

After the glass casing is properly sealed with a water based glue and if the seal remains intact, a thick fog or mist would form inside the glass casing. Condensation will form outside the glass casing next to the gemstone. This fog would not consume the entire glass casing inside. The fog may not go to the bottom of the glass casing. The fog mainly centers around the gemstone. The condensation outside the glass casing centers around the gemstone and will not go all the way to the bottom of the outer glass casing.

After the thick fog or mist is set, if you look into the side of the glass casing you cannot see the gemstone. You cannot even see your hand on the opposite side of the glass casing. However, if you look straight down from the top of the glass casing you will see a clear area void of moisture, all the way down to the gemstone cut surface. The surrounding fog is too thick to see anything other than the gemstone cut surface. Like the eye of a hurricane. The wall of the beam reveals a perfectly round cylinder. Now I can see the invisible beam of the larger core sample clearly. The view was stunning!

I was able to measure the size of the larger core sample invisible beam by pointing the beam at the side of the glass casing. After about 90 days a perfectly round area of glass melting or distortion will appear. I was able to measure this perfectly round glass melting or distortion area. This beam was about three quarters of an inch round.

The smaller core sample is stored in a 1x2x1/2 inch plastic case. I sealed this plastic case using a water based glue just as I did for the larger core sample, glass casing. Within minutes a thick fog or mist formed just like the larger core sample.

The plastic case top surface is 1x2 inches so the smaller core sample did not fill the case. The smaller core sample is about the size of a quarter and just about as thick.

After the fog or mist was set in the plastic case, I was surprised to see this perfectly round cylinder extending from the cut surface of the smaller core sample to the top of the inside of the plastic case. The fog or mist inside the plastic case was so thick you could not see you hand as if you were looking through an otherwise clear plastic case.

This perfectly round cylinder was void of moisture. I could now see the smaller core sample beam. The view was stunning!

This perfectly round cylinder, void of moisture, gave me an excellent opportunity to measure the size of the of the smaller core sample invisible beam. The beam is about three (3/4) quarter inches in size.

I hesitated to do any further experiments to test the strengths of these beams. I think that would be too dangerous.

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