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These high energy beams will kill a human.

This discussion of the gemstone high energy beams is exclusive to this forum. You will not find this discussion on my website.

I have found the entire surface of the gemstone emit an unidentified energy. I have also found some surface areas are more deadly, more intense and much more active. The unidentified energy emitted from the entire gemstone surface melt or distort glass.

Eric Essene, head of the University of Michigan geology department cut a core sample. After the core sample was cut, I put the larger sample in a glass case. I put the smaller sample in a plastic 1x2x1/4 inch plastic case.

I continued to monitor both samples for melting or distortion. Both samples created melting or distortion at about the same rate of activity. Now I knew the unidentified energy was present in both samples.

Over a period of time, I closely monitored the concentration of melting or distortion and found the concentration of melting or distortion to be confined to a circle. I wanted to see if the gemstone activity was causing this circle concentration.

I moved the gemstone around to see if this melting or distortion circle concentration would move as I moved the gemstone. I discovered this melting or distortion circle concentration appeared only at the area exposed to the cut surfaces of both the small sample and the large sample. The small sample melting or distortion circle concentration was smaller than the larger sample circle concentration.

I continued to move these cut surfaces around at random times and monitored the melting or distortion circle concentration. This is when I identified the beams. I introduced insects inside the glass casing away from the beams then I introduced the insects directly to the beams.

I introduced a fly directly to the beam by capturing the fly then just letting the fly, fly around inside the glass casing, across the beam. When the fly flew directly across the beam it was smacked out of the air. It fell straight down.

I introduced other insects away from the beam by inserting them anywhere inside the glass casing and just allowing them to move around. Larger insects moved briefly then froze never to move again. Smaller insects froze instantly never to move again.

For my next experiment, I left the glass casing in the garage with the beam pointed up. This was done only with the larger sample. The next day I seen a bunch of insects 360 degrees around the glass casing. Some of these flying insects I have never see before. The dead insects around the glass casing was as far away as two to three feet from the glass case.

I continued to experiment with these beams exposing them to various small amounts of chemicals. My most notable reactions was witnessed with water based glue. When exposed to these beams a mist would form without fail.

These beams cause ice to stop melting at room temperature. In order to stop ice melting at room temperature I must allow the beams to establish an oxygen void environment. Without this environment, the ice will not stop melting at room temperature but there will still be some influence on the ice, to some lesser degree.

It takes approximately three days for the beams from both the large sample and the small sample to establish any oxygen void environment. This process commence when a thick dense mist form inside the glass casing. This mist can get so thick you cannot see the gemstone inside. Gradually, the mist will subside. If this process is interrupted that time frame will start new. It will take another three days.

After this oxygen void environment is established it will hold but I had no way to tell how long. I do know when the oxygen void environment is broken you will hear a vacuum sound. This vacuum sound signals that oxygen has entered the environment of the glass casing and the oxygen void environment seal is broken. As long as you do not get the vacuum sound the oxygen void environment seal is in tack. This is important to note because as long as that oxygen void environment seal is in tact the gemstone unidentified energy is in its most active and most deadly state. I would not advise placing your hand in the beam during this activity. I have done this briefly with no effect but to hold your hand in the beam for a period of time could cause a non reversible deadly effect.

No cell structure can exist in the glass casing non oxygen void environment or the oxygen void environment. I introduced leaves to these environments. After leaves were removed from the oxygen void environment and the non oxygen void environment the leaves instantly degraded to dust. The leaves took longer to degrade in the non oxygen void environment.

After the oxygen void environment is established I can now stop ice melting at room temperature, at will. In fact I did just that. I repeatedly removed one glass of ice then exposed another different glass of ice to the unidentified energy beam. The colder ice appear to cause a more intense effect.

After exchanging each glass of ice, the ice became suspended only to resume animation after the glass was removed from the beam. I can still perform this experiment any time.

These beams are invisible in all of the photos taken of the gemstone but they are there.

After I discovered these high energy beams I did not do any more experiments. After I discovered these high energy beams I knew I was tampering with something that was deadly and highly unpredictable since I do not know the full strength or intensity of these beams.

I am certain NASA, and Eric Essene discovered these beams during their testing and they failed to warn me about these deadly high energy beams.

Since I discovered these beams I no longer go near this gemstone unless it is necessary to move it.

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