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Charged density pulse test.

The charged density pulse test conducted by Dr. W.C. Levengood was stunning. If you review these results carefully you will see not only was the water charged by the gemstone activity, the dish that held the water was charged.

This charged density pulse test goes a long way to prove the unidentified energy emitted from this gemstone does have the capability to alter the property of objects at least in direct contact of the gemstone.

This charged density pulse test effect is supported by the fact all glass in direct contact with the gemstone over a period of time will become brittle. Very brittle! This may also explain the glass melting or glass distortion effect.

This test of charged density pulses may also explain my experiment that caused ice to stop melting at room temperature. There must be an environment set up to stop the ice melting. After this environment is set, the gemstone will stop ice melting immediately upon contact with the container holding the ice. I put the ice in a regular drinking glass. The ice is held in suspension. No water will flow to the bottom of the glass until I remove the glass holding the ice from the immediate exposure to the gemstone. Once removed from the immediate exposure to the gemstone, you can see the ice start to melt again and water start to flow to the bottom of the glass.

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