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These photos reveal an active unidentified energy.

The colors emitted by the gemstone unidentified energy really surprised me. I did not even know these colors were there until after I reviewed the pictures. I paid a photographer to take these pictures because he had a high quality camera. A Minolta maxium 7000 AF with telescopic lens maxxum AF 2000 70-210 1:4(32)mm. All of these pictures were taken in bright sun light in a sunlit room. All of these pictures were taken with a flash. There was damage to the camera electronics after taking the pictures.

I took the photos that show the various color glows with a one time use Kodak max with flash and 27 exposures. This camera cost $7.99 on sale. The regular price was $13.99. All of these photos were taken with a flash. All of these pictures were taken under artificial light.

I was surprised to see the Minolta did not pick up the color glows like the one time use camera. The Minolta did an excellent job picking up the unidentified energy in an active state along with its reddish color glows.

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