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Strange and unusual unidentified gemstone energy.

I am not a scientist. My knowledge of science is no more than that of an average person. However, I have conducted several unscientific, haphazard tests on this unidentified gemstone energy to confirm its presence. I was really surprised at the various reactions I got. I have found this energy can react twenty feet away or more to stimulation.

This unidentified energy does not appear to radiate like radiation as I know it. I expect radiation to constantly radiate 360 degrees. This unidentified energy may radiate 360 degrees but my tests have found this unidentified energy also has the capability to target a source without causing any surrounding influence. I have found this unidentified energy has the capability to aggressively react only to a target that stimulated it. Light gases and aerosols will trigger a reaction. Cologne may even trigger a reaction. There may be many other chemicals or events that may trigger a reaction that I do not know about.

I suspect there may be broader explanations for what I have experienced. I am only stating what I have witnessed on more than one occasion.

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