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Is this olivine or not?

All of the scientists I talked to say this gemstone chemistry analysis is either inaccurate or impossible. One scientist told me, If this gemstone chemistry is accurate, this gemstone is not olivine, at all.

Dr. Levengood concluded after conducting a charge density pulse test, this rock was commonly found olivine. Do you agree with Dr. Levengood conclusion?

Even if Dr. Levengood is correct I would still be at a loss to know where or how did I get a chunk of olivine. If I lived in Hawaii finding olivine would not be beyond logic. I have read olivine is common around active volcanoes. I do not live anywhere near a volcano nor have ever visited one in my life time. So, Dr. Levengood conclusion, if accurate would only create further mystery. How did I get a chunk of olivine even if it is from this earth?

So, my question is, if this gemstone chemistry is inaccurate or impossible as known by science, could this gemstone chemistry perhaps be revealing a morphing to another alien chemistry structure? After all this gemstone changes visible subtle colors frequently. Perhaps it has the ability to in some way change or morph its chemical structure.

I would love to have one of you scientist tackle this question.

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