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Alien rock gemstone unidentified energy caused a strange reaction in plant leaves.

March 1, 2019 at 6:05pm

A plant leaf was placed inside the glass casing containing the alien rock gemstone. I expected the entire leaf to turn brown. This would be a normal reaction. But I noticed the leaf started to change color from the stem of the leaf then move to the tip of the leaf. I replaced the leaf with a new leaf after it had completely decomposed. This time I put an identical leaf in another part of the room to rule out any exposure to the unidentified energy. To avoid confusion I will call this the room leaf. The room leaf decomposed as expected. The entire leaf turned brown. The leaf exposed to the unidentified energy again started to decompose from the stem. There was a moving line of decomposition. On the leaf tip side of the line the leaf cells were green and healthy. Next to the green healthy leaf cells were partially decomposed or dark brown leaf cells. Next to these cells on the opposite side of the green healthy cells were fully decomposed cells or cream brown cells. Once started this line of healthy green cells and decomposed cells would continue to move, without interruption, from the stem of the leaf until it reached the tip of the leaf. When the line reached the tip of the leaf the entire leaf was fully decomposed. The color of the fully decomposed leaf was cream brown. This reaction spanned a period of approximately four months from start to finish.

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Alien rock gemstone unidentified energy will stop ice melting at room temperature.

February 25, 2019 at 7:24pm

The unidentified energy emitted from the alien rock gemstone stops ice melting at room temperature or any temperature. Also, when the gemstone is exposed to temperatures below zero degrees the unidentified energy appears to go into an aggressive state. It is extremely dangerous to touch the gemstone in temperatures below zero degrees. Once ice is exposed to the gemstone unidentified energy the unidentified energy causes ice to immediately go into a suspended state. The ice would neither melt nor continue to freeze. The ice surface appears to be melted water. But, the melted water appears to be clinging to the surface of the ice, it will never leave the ice surface as long as the ice is exposed to the unidentified energy. The ice will immediately start to melt or go back to a normal state after it is released from the unidentified energy exposure.

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This gemstone melts glass with no heat!

February 22, 2019 at 5:00pm

This gemstone must be kept in a glass casing at all times to reduce the exposure of the unidentified energy. This glass casing does not stop the unidentified energy going beyond the glass barrier but it does give it a barrier. The glass melts very slow. It becomes crystal clear over time. If the glass has any kind of color or tint the unidentified energy will eventually remove all color or tint. The melting never stops! The glass never reach any temperature above body temperature. I know of nothing on this earth that melts glass with no heat. This glass melting is clearly visible and changing the glass casing will cause the new casing to start melting. Melting can be observed after about four months enclosed inside the glass casing.

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Alien rock gemstone emits an unidentified energy. It will kill!

February 17, 2019 at 5:40pm

The unidentified energy emitted from the alien rock gemstone will kill a person if there is either a direct skin to rock contact or exposure to the high energy beams. NASA refuses to discuss this unidentified energy. This unidentified energy appears to be radiation but does not behave like radiation. This unidentified energy will target its source. It can be triggered or respond to various conditions. This makes it unpredictable.

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Visit the alien rock gemstone website

February 17, 2019 at 5:10pm

The alien rock gemstone website is optimized for your viewing pleasure. View close up pictures of the alien rock gemstone. View a slide show of the alien rock gemstone with comments about each picture. See the unidentified energy in an active state.



Or, simply type "ALIEN ROCK GEMSTONE" into your search box for the forum or the website.


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