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US Federal District Court FOIA lawsuit against NASA

February 8, 2017 at 7:11pm

A Freedom of information act lawsuit was filed in the United States Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan in the city of Detroit. The Honorable Judge Victoria Roberts presided.

The opposing counsel was the Honorable Barbara L. McQuade, at that time a general counsel for the attorney general office. The Honorable Ms McQuade is currently the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan. Ms McQuade was appointed US Attorney by President Barack Obama and took office in January 2010.

I filed the case in Pro Se. I was my own attorney.

I filed this lawsuit after NASA had refused to release their test results from testing at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The gemstone was sent to NASA Johnson Space Center for testing.

I had asked NASA scientist Albert Juhaz for the release of the test results. Mr. Juhaz was in charge of the NASA investigation of the gemstone and arranged for me to send the gemstone to NASA Johnson Space Center for testing. Mr. Juhaz was not able to secure the release of the test results.

I sought assistance from US Senator Carl Levin. I requested and got a meeting with one of Senator Levin aides. After Senator Levin office investigation, I received a letter from Senator Levin stating, essentially NASA was refusing to release the test results.

I then arranged a meeting with US Congressman John Conyers office. Congressman Conyers office essentially echoed Senator Levin office.

I contacted the US Department of Energy. I requested testing for non-ionizing radiation based upon NASA testing. The person assigned to handle the matter concluded this was not the type of investigation that fell within their purview.

The Hon. Judge Roberts summarily ruled it would be futile to move the case forward, therefore the case was resigned to a repository.

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@ lesigner girl re: JREF

February 8, 2017 at 6:18pm

Please forgive me I am trying to figure out how to respond to comments so just bear with me and I hope I got it right.

Shortly after filing an application and granted approval there was a waiting period, I guess Randi was trying to figure out how he was going to proceed. I received an email from Randi requesting more information. I satisfied his request. Shortly after that, Randi sent me additional emails to review the gravity of my anomaly He was convinced I had an anomaly. No doubt about that. He submitted additional emails for sources to prove the anomaly. At this time NASA had not done testing but the State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality had completed their testing. I informed Randi the investigator in charge of the DEQ investigation told me the gemstone was producing some kind of non-ionizing radiation but his office did not have the equipment or expertise to perform proper testing. After this Randi stopped everything. I received a final email from Randi stating I violated the rules requesting verification of his testing therefore I was disqualified from the challenge.

I do not see how to save my response to your comment, so to answer your question I do not remember the exact year but I applied for JREF between 2000 and 2005.

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February 6, 2017 at 11:28pm

Many of you may not be aware of this fraud fund. Just google James Randi Educational Fund OR JREF. Randi website and forum may be off the internet.

Randi had claimed a one million dollar prize was secured at a financial institution that would not allow him access to the money. The money was only to be released to a successful challenger, that Randi chose!

Randi offered one million dollars to anyone who could prove an anomaly of some scientific nature. Only after Randi or one of his minions verified the anomaly through some boguas testing (which was rigged) you would then be only eligible to receive the one million dollars. You still must go through a second testing conducted by Randi himself. No one else was allowed to conduct the second testing. Randi did not allow any testing from any independent testers.

Randi had claimed on his website he had several independent testers that were qualified scientists to conduct testing if a challenger requested. This was a lie!

I discovered Randi was a con artist of the highest or you might say of the lowest caliber. Randi was a magician con artist.

Randi always said he had a way out if someone had actually successfully presented an anomaly.

Well I did prove this gemstone was an anomaly. And, I did prove Randi always had a way out.

After Randi realized this gemstone was an anomaly, he requested he set up bogus testing to verify the gemstone was an anomaly. He did not want me involved in the testing setup. I agreed to his testing as a condition to prove my anomaly.

I did demand I be allowed to replicate Randi testing to verify results. Randi refused. He said his rules would not allow me to replicate his results. Randi said his results would be final regardless of outcome.

Randi said simply because I demanded to conduct my testing to verify his testing results, I was disqualified from the challenge. You guessed it, this was Randi iron clad way out. He gave no other reason or explanation beyond that. He immediately cut off all contact with me.

I became suspicious of Randi as a fraud and lier prior to this time through many posters and unsuccessful challengers in his forum. After the con job I got I was convinced he was keeping the million dollars and living off the interest to pay his living expenses. This was speculated by many posters.

About four or five months prior to this present day I was watching a PBS station and Randi was showcased on a PBS special program as a fraud.

Randi was living with a male partner in his house. His male partner was born in a south American country and was a fugitive from US law enfrocement.

Randi was haboring a fugitive and according to PBS this fugitive had lived with Randi for some time.

The PBS program discussed how Randi male partner had been using a stolen id and name of an american or a fellow countryman to file for a visa to illegally stay in the US. The PBS program made a point to tell how Randi male partner was arrested at Randi home.

In the PBS special Randi was asked about the one million dollars fund. He was asked if the money was still available. Randi in a disrespectful manner refused to comment on the million dollars fund.

I guess I can say Randi cheated me out of the one million dollars by refusing to conduct proper testing, but the reality is he never had the money at the time he was due to test my gemstone. It was speculated the one million dollars may have been squandered on Randi live in male partner legal defense.

There may have been a million dollar prize fund when Randi started offering the challenge but at some point there was no million dollars.

The PBS story concluced James Randi the great magician was really James Randi the great con man with a meager income. PBS made clear Randi was not living the life of a millionaire or a multi millionarie.

There was an article written online about James Randi and how he conned the public into believing he had this untouchable million dollar fund. Google Jame Randi and you will find this article and possibly others.

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NASA has refused to release their test results to me.

February 6, 2017 at 10:17am

The gemstone was tested at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. NASA kept the gemstone for testing for about four weeks.

They have refused to discuss these test results with me. I was not even allowed to ask any question.

NASA position, they are under no obligation to release these test results to me. Now I know why.

What do you think?

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What kind of gemstone is this?

February 6, 2017 at 10:01am

Is this olivine or is it some strange mineral that mimic olivine? Visit the alien rock gemstone website and check the chemistry test results?


Or, simply type "ALIEN ROCK GEMSTONE" into your search box.

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